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Creative Entrepreneur

Musician, Composer & Producer

Musician with The E.Normus Trio, Acoustic Syndicate, The Invisible III

Instruments: Bass, Guitar, 8-String N/S Stick & Effects.

Composition: film scores, incidental music, original material & record production.

"As a fellow bass player, I find Jay to be a consummate artist and a true inspiration. As a music business guy, having managed internationally acclaimed artists both in and out of jazz for many years, I consider Jay to be a major talent." ~ Bassist & Manager Steve Cohen

Jazz Profile in Rapid River Magazine

Technical Entrepreneur

Ruby on Rails / Business Development Consultant

President of Allies Labs - A Full Stack Web Development Company.

Board Member and Chief Technology Officer for Creative Allies.

Strategy and technical expertise to navigate the technology options and get your product out there quickly and on-budget.

For creators with an idea that needs to be explored, defined, prototyped, or constructed.

For companies who need a senior developer to advise, consult and aid in the completion of a product or feature.

For businesses who have an existing Ruby software project that's lost development momentum and needs to get finished or revitalized.

For people learning Ruby on Rails who'd like guidance.